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At Broad Street Prevention, the science of infection prevention and control is combined with strategic methods to achieve real results

"Infection Prevention and Control is not just a science, It's an art"
Heather Saunders mph, rn, cic

Outbreak investigation

Quick identification and containment is possible.  Broad Street will help you identify and correct potential causes of infectious disease outbreaks, guiding the implementation of best practices to contain the spread of infection.

IPC Program Assessment

Strengthen your program today to prevent problems tomorrow. Broad Street will work with you to assess your program and identify opportunities for growth. 

IPC Training

Infection prevention and control programs are only as strong as its IPs are. Broad Street provides a variety of customizable trainings geared toward improving the knowledge and skills of your infection prevention and control team.

Additional services

IPC Surveillance

Surveillance is an important component of any IPC program. Broad Street can assist your team with IPC surveillance or audits.

Policy Development

Looking for excellent policies on infection prevention and control? Look no further! Broad Street can help you write or edit your policies.

Expert Witness

Are you a law firm looking for experienced consultants in infection prevention and control? Broad Street is available to provide expert witness and consultation in infection prevention and control.

IPC Projects

Projects take time. Broad Street can assist your team with time-limited IPC projects.

Speaking Engagement

Need engaging, motivational, experienced speakers with the knowledge of infection prevention and control? Broad Street is available to speak at your event on a variety of topics!

HAI Reduction Plans

Sometimes we need a fresh set of eyes to identify opportunities for improvement. Broad Street will provide onsite assessments and program plans for HAI reduction.

Heather Saunders MPH, RN, CIC
Owner and Infection Prevention and Control Consultant
Broad Street Prevention

Heather Saunders is an experienced and motivated registered nurse with a master’s degree in public health and a certification in infection control.  Heather believes in using innovative and strategic leadership methods to achieve program goals. 

Heather first discovered her love for infection prevention and control (and chai tea) during a short-term assignment in Nairobi, Kenya, where she worked with a multidisciplinary team to improve the health of women and children living in the Mathare Valley slums. 

“In Mathare Valley I became acutely aware of the need for prevention and control in the fight against infectious diseases.”

After spending the first six years of her nursing career in busy emergency departments, she transitioned away from the bedside to join the work at the Johns Hopkins Hospital as an Infection Control Epidemiologist.  

“The Emergency Department helped prepare me for my career by exposing me to all aspects of healthcare. Practicing infection prevention and control at Hopkins provided me with the knowledge and experience needed to excel in this field.”  

Following the completion of her Masters of Public Health degree, Heather became the lead infection prevention and control nurse consultant for the state of Maryland, guiding the state’s infection prevention and control efforts during the COVID pandemic.  

“Working at the State Health Department during COVID wasn’t easy but it was incredibly rewarding.  The best part was having the opportunity to work with and mentor so many healthcare facilities and infection preventionists throughout the state.”  

Currently, Heather works at the Johns Hopkins University as a research nurse program manager in infectious disease. Heather is also the owner and primary infection control nurse consultant for Broad Street Prevention.

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